If you’re considering renting an apartment, here’s a simple guide on how to apply:

Please ensure you complete all mandatory fields and provide accurate information.

Step 1: Application & 
Background Screening

Each adult applicant should fill out the application form. You can invite co-applicants and co-signers from within your application.

Upload proof of income, which can include pay stubs, an offer letter, or tax forms, and begin the background screening process using the link provided below:

Step 2: Await Approval

After completing your application, I’ll send it to the landlord for review. This process may take a few days, and you may be contacted for additional information. Stay in-touch with me at 475-619-1952

Step 3: Move In

Congratulations! Once approved and after signing the lease agreement, promptly pay the security deposit and first month’s rent. Ensure you coordinate move-in details with building management, set up utilities, and schedule movers. Good luck with your apartment search!

By following these steps and providing all required documents, you can increase your chances of being approved for an apartment and make the process as smooth as possible. Good luck with your apartment search!

Stamford Realtor